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Don't do a good job in oral care during pregnancy, pregnant mother suffering, not only could also harm to baby's health


Before for pregnant period, in addition to nutrition, body care at the same time, please don't ignore the oral cavity and preparation. Expectant mothers are predisposed to oral disease? After pregnancy and childbirth, how will you care?

Oral cavity is necessary

Pregnant women, estrogen secretion increased, usually have nausea, vomiting response, combined with the eating times increase, and partial to sweet food. , "said Dr Tried in the room, these changes will make the pregnant women gingival hyperplasia of blood vessels, periodontal tissue on dental plaque of local stimulus response enhancement, are more likely to develop oral disease." Pregnant women common oral diseases have a dental pulp disease, periodontal disease, tooth mouth inflammation and oral mucosal disease. These diseases can cause pregnant women bleeding gums, toothache, facial swelling, etc., so that it is very pain during pregnancy.

Therefore, before becoming pregnant in oral cavity is very necessary, studies have shown that people with periodontal disease pregnant women at risk of preterm delivery and low birth weight infants is 7.5 times of ordinary people.

So, age women in pregnancy, should ask for three to six months to do a detailed professional dental oral cavity, such as pulling growth skew or wisdom teeth without chewing function, etc.

Common oral diseases during pregnancy

1. Pregnancy gingivitis

Pregnancy periodontal problems is gum inflammation, this is due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, make gum hyperemia swelling, color red, easy bleeding brushing your teeth, the occasional pain feeling of discomfort. These symptoms do not occur every pregnant women, if happens, usually appears at the beginning of the second months pregnant, at 8 months with hormone concentration peak becomes more serious.

2. Pregnancy (tooth) epulis

The disease is rare. Occur more commonly in the second trimester, it is because of significant gum inflammation and vascular proliferation and form of bright red ball gums increase biological, size is differ, grow fast, often appear in the front teeth tooth nipple area between two adjacent teeth and gums (tip). Pregnancy epulis usually do not require treatment, or given periodontal basic treatment (such as cleaning, oral health instruction, root surface leveling), which is in order to reduce the retention of dental plaque and stimulation. General epulis will disappear naturally with hormone returned to normal after birth, but if you don't disappear can consider removal.

3. A toothache, facial swelling and other symptoms

Pregnancy periodontal symptoms, also can be seen occasionally deepened periodontal pouch, teeth, the symptom such as easy to shake. In fact, poor oral hygiene and pregnant women with gingivitis, original on periodontal problems have greater risk.

Room, Dr Remind, because in 3 months after the first 3 months of pregnancy and easily influenced by the outside world in abortion and premature delivery, so a general dental treatment can be arranged in pregnancy for 4 ~ 6 months, if you need to fill teeth, cleaning, simple teeth and so on all can treat reservation during this period.

[oral care]

Since not to eat, that how to oral hygiene care during pregnancy? Dr Room, refined action - to mothers-to-be

1, clean coating on the tongue

When there is taste mouth, after brushing your teeth can conveniently clean coating on the tongue, and thoroughly remove residues in food on the tongue, help to eliminate peculiar smell in the mouth, and can restore the tongue taste buds for right feeling taste, without taste of the food the more you have, the more heavy.

2, gargle, drink water often

Pregnant women on the basis of brushing your teeth regularly every day, can often mouthwash, remove mouth bad smell; Often drink some warm water to remove odor in the mouth, and at the same time pay attention to the oral hygiene before and after eating, let bad breath nowhere to hide.

3, avoid eating spicy, cold food

In order to take care of pregnant women tastes and interests, all kinds of acid, sweet, bitter, spicy food, pregnancy can be extenuatory edible, but should avoid eating too much spicy food, lest make intestines and stomach is unable to load. Some pregnant women eat too much spicy hot or too cold, not enough fresh food, can lead to severe diarrhea, severe cases can also trigger preterm labor.

In order to mother and baby health, oral health problems during pregnancy should not be ignored.