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Children's oral care products you picked the right?


The problem of children's oral health needs parents' attention. On June 6, Shuke baby, a sub brand of weimeizi, released the 2017 China children's oral white paper in combination with baobab tree, one of China's largest mother infant communication media, aiming at the children's oral market segment. According to the white paper, the caries rate of 5-year-old children is 66%, of which 97% are untreated.

According to the reporter, at present, the market of children's oral products has been subdivided. Brands such as Shuke, lion king and Colgate have launched oral care products by age. Li Gang, vice chairman of the oral preventive medicine committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association and professor of the school of Stomatology of Xi'an Fourth Military Medical University, pointed out that oral health care should start from childhood, and there are different ways of care for different ages.


Three misunderstandings in parents' oral care for children

According to the white paper, most of the adults aged 25-45 develop good oral care habits when they are 7 years old. Now many parents have misunderstandings about their children's oral health care. For example, 30% of parents think that their children's primary teeth will be changed sooner or later, and they don't need to pay too much attention to grow permanent teeth; they use adult oral care products for their children; many parents think that their children can brush their teeth clean and don't pay attention to tooth maintenance. These three misunderstandings are easy for children who often eat snacks to bury their teeth. However, a small number of post-90s parents over intervened. They asked their children to brush their teeth or clean their mouth after each meal, but they did not know that brushing more than two times a day would easily lead to tooth damage.

Xiang Jianqiang, executive vice president and Secretary General of China oral cleaning and care products industry association, said that despite the rapid development of oral health awareness and consumer market in the past decade, there is still a huge distance compared with developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

Differentiation of children's oral care products

It is understood that in recent years, in response to market demand, Shuke, lion king, Colgate and other brands have launched children's oral care products by age. According to the AC Nielsen report, children's oral products have started to develop rapidly. Only in 2016, the number of children's toothpastes and toothbrushes on the market increased by more than 64% year on year.

A few days ago, a reporter visited some supermarkets in Tianhe District and Panyu District of Guangzhou and found that children's oral products accounted for an increasing proportion of the shelves of oral products in the supermarket, such as fine toothbrush, super soft fine toothbrush, children's electric toothbrush, music toothbrush, fruit flavor toothpastes, etc., as well as matching toys and animation packaging. Most products will be marked with applicable age, and some toothpastes are even detailed to mark whether they are used in the morning or at night. For example, Shuke baby promoted the concept of separate use of toothpaste sooner or later. And Lantian liubizhi launched a fluoride free children's toothpaste, which is labeled suitable for children under 3 years old.

Faced with a variety of products on the market, some parents said they did not know how to choose. The daughter of Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Guangzhou, is 5 years old. Recently, Ms. Zhang told reporters that she has not been very good at choosing children's toothbrushes. "I don't know whether it's better to choose hard hair or soft hair. Some people say that hard hair toothbrushes are clean and thorough, while others say that soft hair is good for gums.". Miss Peng, La Ma, was distressed: "recently, I bought fruit toothpaste for the children who just went to kindergarten. When they brush their teeth, they ate some of it more or less. Although I heard that children's toothpaste is relatively safe, I still worry that children's eating it will affect their health."


Children's oral products become a new growth point of enterprises

According to the analysis of the insiders, at present, the competition of professional children's toothpaste brands is increasing, brands such as frog prince and Beiqin are enhancing their market promotion, and some regional brands such as mule are also competing for market share. Secondly, adult toothpaste manufacturers are vigorously exploring the children's toothpaste market, such as lion king, crest, Colgate and other international brands, relying on strong resource advantages, Drive new product sales.

Gu Jun, a daily chemical expert, believes that children's oral cleaning and care products have entered the era of segmentation, and product diversification and multi-functional is the overall development trend of the market. In this regard, the relevant director of China oral cleaning and care products industry association said that children's oral cleaning products have gradually changed from the attention of individual brands to the "Carnival" of all brands, and the market competition will continue to intensify. With the full opening of the two child policy, children's oral products have become a new interest growth point for enterprises.


How to choose toothbrush and toothpaste for children?

Experts suggest that parents should pay attention to the health care of their children's teeth when their baby germinates the first deciduous tooth; otherwise, it is likely to cause tooth decay due to bacterial erosion. If the bacteria in the mouth are not cleaned in time, they will be deposited on the teeth continuously, thus forming a kind of material called "plaque"; it will use the sugar in our daily food to metabolize and corrode the teeth and form cavities. The most effective way to remove the teeth is to brush them every morning and evening. So parents should teach their children how to brush their teeth correctly and the importance of brushing their teeth, and urge them to brush their teeth every day or help them brush their teeth. Suggestions for children's oral care products are as follows:

1. For young children, priority should be given to the selection of non fluorine food grade special toothbrush for young children;

2. Select children's toothbrush, with soft brush hair, small brush head, easy grip of brush handle, flat brush surface, and highly rounded top of brush hair. Children are not allowed to use adult toothbrush. They need to change toothbrush at least once every 3 months.

3. choose less toothpaste. The amount of toothpaste depends on how much soap it contains. The amount of soap in the toothpaste is over 18%. Soap is easily decomposed into caustic or ester acids in oral saliva, which not only stimulates the oral mucosa, but also destroys the enzymes in saliva.

4. There is a great difference between the oral environment in the day and at night. The toothpastes in the day should have a stronger ability to clean teeth, and the antibacterial effect of the toothpastes in the night should be stronger and more lasting.

5. Choose toothpastes with small irritant and light taste. Children will like fruit toothpastes very much, but it is easy to cause babies to swallow them.

Expert advice

Children oral care needs to be divided into age groups

"Oral health care should start from childhood," said Li Gang, a professor at the school of Stomatology, Xi'an Fourth Military Medical University and vice chairman of the oral preventive medicine committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association

1. When the child is not teething, after drinking the milk, the parents should dip a soft cloth in warm boiled water to wipe the oral mucosa, including the denture, tongue mucosa and buccal mucosa, once or twice a day. The common fungal infection in children's oral cavity, such as thrush, can be effectively reduced by nursing.

2. After the child grows the first tooth, he / she should start to brush his / her teeth. There is a special finger set toothbrush for infants on the market, which is suitable for the long anterior teeth period. It's better not to use toothpaste before the age of 3. If you want to use it, you need to buy a non fluoride toothpaste that can be swallowed and squeeze the size of white rice grains.

3. By the age of 3, the child has begun to grow molars, and the tooth bed becomes deeper. At this time, if you use a finger set toothbrush and extend it to the back of the mouth, it will make the child very uncomfortable, and the size of the hand is large, which will block the vision and affect the effect. At this time, you need to use a toothbrush with a brush handle, which is not much worse than that of an adult. It is easy to operate, and you can see the position of brushing clearly. But parents must help brush, to ensure the cleanliness of teeth, which is also a process of teaching children to brush their teeth.

Source: Ocean net information times