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Dental floss can not repeat use


Protect teeth, clean mouth care, use wrong words also could cause all kinds of discomfort, disease. Here are several common mistakes usage.

Stuck between toothpick: after dinner disorderly make teeth. Many people used to use his teeth with a toothpick after meals. However, in the case of no teeth teeth, may cause gingivitis, gingival recession, tooth clearance increases, resulting in periodontal disease. On the other hand, may not be a toothpick firm pressure into the nipple area between teeth, or you will make tooth clearance increases, more hidden bacteria, long teeth.

Toothbrush: long toilet easily infected with bacteria. Toothbrush is clean your teeth, but if its not clean, when used is equal to the bacteria into the body. If put toothbrush directly in the bathroom, flush the toilet when splashing dirt is easy to learn, and moist environment also could prompt bacteria breeding.

Floss: reuse is not desirable. Use dental floss to clean mouth after the meal is the right approach, but also can avoid the toothpick damage gums. But some people don't think dental floss is too dirty, wash with, then next time it's vile indeed. Dental floss is disposable products, after use with dirt, bacteria can't flush clean.

Mouthwash: need to be careful to choose type. On the market, the main function of non drug mouthwash is to eliminate halitosis, suitable for the general population. Mainly used in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis, medicinal mouthwash oral inflammation, such as oral cavity ulcer should follow the doctor's advice. Especially prone to tooth decay, wear ages or received radiotherapy, under the guidance of the need to be in the dentist use mouthwash, containing fluoride to strengthen the protection of the teeth, prevent tooth decay.

Chewing gum: old chewing cause stomach trouble. Chewing gum can freshen breath, but many hidden dangers, too: contain sweeteners gum easy cause dental caries; Chewing gum for a long time, the stomach is the amount of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretion, reflective in the fasting state is not only easy to appear nausea, loss of appetite, such as water, acid and discomfort, and may lead to gastric ulcer and gastritis; Chewing muscles keep tension for a long time, not only affect face, can also lead to temporomandibular joint disorder, cause joint pain, dysfunction chewing muscles, joints, movement disorders and other symptoms.

This article source: central radio website